UNGUIDED: Long Lake Loop w/Freedom Pass

  • Type: Un-Guided
  • Tuesday - Saturday
  • Distance: ~140 mi R-T
  • Departure Location: From your hotel
  • Departure: At Your Leisure (Lunch available 11:30am - 1:30pm)
  • Return: At Your Leisure


-Includes ice cream stop
-Includes admission to Stone Bridges & Caves
-$15 Freedom pass for lunch
-This is a Freedom Pass tour giving you a catered unguided ride valued at $48, sold at $39






A scenic ride deep into the Adirondack Mountains, an incredible lunch stop, an entrance ticket to a scenic natural wonder, and a small ice cream cone to cap the day off. It's also a Freedom Pass ride (see below) valued at $48, sold at $39!

The Ride: You’ll ride deep into the Adirondack Mountains along quintessential local routes. Your ride includes a fun mix of road types, most of which we would classify as gently winding (little to no twisties). You’ll pass through small northern towns and villages populated with rustic wooden buildings, arriving at a stunning one-of-a-kind grand lodge in the heart of the Adirondacks. This is a Freedom Pass ride, so your ride is valid any day of Americade Week, so you can cherry-pick the best riding day.

The Destination: You’ll have an entrance ticket to one of the most popular natural wonder destinations in this part of the world. You’ll walk across a huge and tall all-natural rock bridge, see (and enter?) an absolutely huge cave (the largest cave entrance in the eastern U.S.), and explore Noisy Cave and dip under Arch Rock. The self-guided trail winds from cave to cave, with potholes and deep natural pools in between. Take a rest while overlooking Trout Brook as it rushes into the mouth of the cave below. And, you also have an ice cream cone waiting for you (included). Your tickets are valid any day of Americade Week (a benefit of a Freedom Pass ride).

The Lunch: Your lunch stop is impressive. It’s a grand Adirondack hotel and lodge, the last of its kind in the 8 million acre park. When you’re not eating, you’ll want to explore this Victorian wonder. The first $15 of your lunch is already paid for, and you can choose from anything on the menu, and arrive any day during Americade Week (benefits of a Freedom Pass ride).

What is a Freedom Pass ride? It's a ride where you're not locked into a particular day or a particular menu, giving you maximum flexibility:
*Want to wait for a sunny day to ride? No problem. The ride, the entrance ticket, and the lunch are good for any single day during Americade Week, so you can wait for the sunniest day to ride.
*Your lunch ticket is good toward any food on the menu. You're not locked into a set meal.
*And, the Freedom Pass pays for the first $15 of your lunch at the restaurant on whatever day and time you choose during Americade Week. Your choice - It's total freedom.

WHAT IS AN UnGUIDED RIDE? (psst, it's your best bet to a great day of riding on your own.) Americade UnGuided Rides are the best way to experience the Adirondacks or Vermont on your own or just with your friends, without worrying about finding good routes, smooth pavement, great scenery, and good food! We've done all the planning for you, including pre-riding all the routes and testing the great lunches (it's hard work, but someone has to do it...). You leave on your own, follow the detailed maps we provide, and arrive at a very special lunch destination where Americade staff will greet you. Enjoy a scrumptious meal of your choice from the menu with fellow Americaders. Round trip mileages are approximate.

So, if you're coming all the way up to the Adirondacks, why not guarantee yourself a great day of riding?