GUIDED: Amish Country Farm to Table

  • Type: Guided
  • Tuesday – Friday
  • Distance: ~100 mi R-T
  • Departure Location: Beach Road Lot
  • Departure: Rider's Meeting at 7:30am. Departures begin at 8:00am.
  • Return: Approx. 3:00pm


-Unknown Amish Homesteads AmishB
-Unusual Tuscan Working Farm
-Italian Cheese-making Tour
-True Family-Style Meal
-Rural Farmland Riding on a NEW Route
-It’s a catered, guided tour valued at $55; sold at $39







AmishCA ride through rarely seen Amish farmland in northern New York, coupled with a delightful Italian farm-to-table lunch in an off-the-grid renovated barn. This tour receives very high ratings. It’s a catered, guided tour valued at $55; sold at $39.

Your Ride: New Route! In the nearby foothills of the Adirondacks, you'll ride through beautiful AmishDand quaint Amish farmland. It's fascinating and very scenic. You'll see horse-drawn buggies, but no cars. Beautiful farmland, but no tractors. Gracious and simple white farmhouses, but no powerlines. The Amish don't use any modern conveniences (trucks, tractors, electricity, even buttons are considered too modern). They've been relocating to the area from crowded Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, making our region even more fascinating.

We'll slowly ride past a number of their farms, being careful to respect their ways (which includes avoiding taking photos of them). After riding past many Amish farms, you'll ride to a hidden waterfall along the winding NY/VT line. It's a great photo stop.

Your Lunch: You'll tour a bucolic sheep farm devoted to Tuscan-style Pecorino cheese making, gourmet-quality Italian cured meats and olive oil. Yep, you'll feel like you're in the Italian countryside, and these folks are serious about their food. In their immaculate barn loft, sitting at long elegant picnic tables, you’ll feast on Porchetta Sandwich with Broccoli Rabe and Garlic Aeoli, Garden Salad, Fresh Dinner Rolls, Panna Cotta with Market Fresh Fruit, and Lemonade.

WHAT IS A GUIDED RIDE? (psst, it's your best bet to a great day of riding.)
Americade Guided Rides are group rides with at least two tour guides and are based on what we love about riding (great scenery, excellent and smooth roads, low traffic, and interesting stops). Plus, we find excellent lunch stops and negotiate great food prices for you. They are an Americade specialty and allow you to relax & ride while our friendly guides lead you to the destination where a great lunch awaits you. Our guides provide some commentary via CB. Don't worry about maps, traffic, getting lost, breakdowns or finding a great lunch spot - We've got you covered.

Your day will begin by meeting your guide in the morning on the shores of Lake George, "The Queen of American Lakes" (according to Thomas Jefferson), surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains. We're confident that there is no prettier place to begin a ride. Once you meet your guides, your group will head out at a relaxed pace with your guides leading and following the group. Stops will take place at about an hour into the ride and after lunch. During the ride, feel free to ask your guides questions via CB radio.

So, if you're coming all the way up to the Adirondacks, why not guarantee yourself a great day of riding?