Americade 2020 & Corona-Virus

on Friday, 13 March 2020.

Is Americade 2020 Going To Happen?
We and the motorcycle industry think so, and we can't wait to hop on our bikes for a good long, relaxing Adirondack ride.  Read on.
Here are several frequently asked questions about Covid-19 and Americade:
"Are customers, vendors and motorcycle factories coming?"  Yes.  The motorcycle factories are gung ho about coming.  The vendors are gung ho too.  And, attendees are registering in good numbers (we've already sold-out some events!).  I think we're all seeing it similarly:  The event is going to happen, and boy do we all need it.
"Is the state's temporary event size limit going to impact Americade?"  We don't think so, but it's nearly impossible to forecast for the next few months.  We think that it's likely that the event ban (especially for outdoor festivals) will be lifted well before then (perhaps in early April).
"When?"  We don't have any inside knowledge, but we know that Disney is planning to reopen in early April, and we're sort of like a Disney for motorheads (except that fortunately, we're a lot more spread out).
"Will Americade offer refunds if the event can't take place?"  Yes.  Attendees will receive a full refund, minus a 5% transaction fee (credit card processing fee and admin fee).
"Will Americade implement additional health/safety measures?"  Yes.  There will be additional handwashing and disinfectant stations at the event, the motorcycle demos will use a rigorous cleaning protocol, we'll adjust our large crowd events based upon the recommended practices, and will likely roll out additional measures based upon what we learn in the coming weeks.

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