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Adirondack Eagle Flyer Zipline

The Eagle Flyer opened in 2016, and has gained the reputation of being "the fiercest zip line in America!"

This is a no-foolin' around, serious zip line, unlike almost anything in the U.S.! At a length of nearly 4,000 feet, you will plummet from the top of French Mountain - over the top of the Adirondacks at a rate of 58 miles per hour, reaching the bottom in just over 55 seconds

As you drop at mind-boggling speeds, you will be flying at a 34% angle of descent over some of America's most scenic views. You'll be able to experience from high atop French Mountain, the panoramic views of majestic Lake George. Note, you can choose among different speeds to travel, so if you prefer a slower (more sane) ride, no problem.

Nowhere in the entire world does a zip line exist that can incorporate both the superman style harness as well as a seat harness, both available on the same ride while experiencing such length and decent grade.

When compared to the Eagle Flyer of Lake George, all other zip lines become only "clothes lines."

FAQ’S – Things To Know

-Weight Requirements: Min. 75lbs – Max. 275lbs
-Height Requirements: Min. 4′ 4″ – Max 6′ 8″
-Age Requirement: All Flyers must be 9 years of age or older.
-All flights include a brief instruction, harness & trolley, and 12-minute ride to the top of French Mountain in our vintage Pinzgauer Austrian military vehicle.
-Flights are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.
-Adk Eagle Flyer High-Speed Zipline does not operate in the rain.


  • Where: Wild West Ranch
  • When: Tuesday 6/5 - Saturday 6/9; 10:00am - 6:00pm