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Motorcycle Demos & Displays

The MOST Demos & Displays in the United States!

You’ll find more motorcycle & trike demos and displays at Americade than at ANY other event in the U.S.!


​*Factory Demos at Fort William Henry
**Displays at Americade Expo
***Factory Demos at McDermott's Harley-Davidson

This is the largest collection of displays and demos in the entire country. This is your ONLY CHANCE to test this many bikes, and then talk to the experts who will have the answers you need - all in one spot!

Generally, each company provides you at least 30 minutes of riding time on a mix of highway and winding road.

Most of them take place from Fort William Henry (Americade’s HQ), and you’ll need a pass to get in early. Demo slots fill up fast.

Demos are available Tuesday through Saturday.

You’ll need:

  • Proper riding gear (including boots and a helmet)
  • Motorcycle driver’s license (except for Yamaha E-Bike)
  • A signed waiver form.
  • You must be 18 or older. (except for Yamaha E-Bike)
  • Check with each manufacturer for any additional requirements.
  • Wristbanded Americaders get VIP treatment and have exclusive access to demos until the afternoon. Non-wristbanded attendees can access the demo area in the afternoon.​

Special Yamaha E-Bike Demo
We have invited Yamaha to provide demos on their electric bicycles at Americade 2019. Why bicycles??

  1. They’re a hoot to ride, and many of you will get a kick out of them. We’ll have a special, fun course at Fort William Henry for them.
  2. Many motorcyclists are adding one to their garage.
  3. They’re a GREAT way to get a non-motorcyclist to become a rider. They’re lightweight, very easy to ride, and are an “automatic” transmission - the new rider doesn’t need to know how to shift. So, bring your passenger or a friend who doesn’t yet ride and make them a new rider here. Read more about this here.

Please note: To obtain an Americade Wristband, sign-in at the Fort William Henry Conference Center! Demos subject to change.


  • Where: FWH Demo Area
  • When: Tuesday 6/4 – Friday 6/7, 9:00am - 4:00pm; Saturday 6/8, 9:00am - 3:00pm

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