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Yamaha E-Bikes at Americade

The Perfect Opportunity for Non-motorcyclists
(And curious motorcyclists)

HERE is the PERFECT opportunity to introduce riding to your non-motorcycling spouse, family or friend.

  1. We'll have a safe course, with professional instructors, and very easy-to-ride Yamaha E-Bikes (no shifting needed!). Have your non-rider stick their toe into riding, and they may be on their way to becoming a motorcyclist. Yamaha invented the E-Bike, and they’re a hoot to ride, for motorcyclists and non-motorcyclists. Come try one out!
  2. We'll also have a stationary Yamaha motorcycle, where a non-rider can enjoy the feeling of shifting the gears on a "real" motorcycle, while the motorcycle is mounted to a stationary trailer.
  3. And, several motorcycle factories will be onsite with motorcycles equipped with new-rider friendly technology, so this is the PERFECT chance to make a motorcyclist out of your non-riding friends.

Bring a helmet, jacket, gloves, and boots, and your instructors will take care of the rest. Any age is welcome, so long as the rider is at least approximately 5' tall (big enough to straddle an average bicycle frame).

When: Thursday 6/6; 1pm - 5pm, Friday 6/7; 1pm - 5pm, Saturday 6/8; 1pm - 3pm
Where: FWH Demo Area


E-BIKE Demos & e-bike GYMKHANA

Yamaha is providing demos on their hi-tech electric bicycles all week long in the Fort William Henry Demo Lot. They invented the E-Bike, and you’ll maybe never again have a chance to test one.

Why bicycles??

  1. They’re a hoot to ride, and many of you will get a kick out of them. We’ll have a special, fun course at Fort William Henry for them.
  2. Many motorcyclists are adding one to their garage.

Take a spin around Fort William Henry on one, and you’ll immediately put a smile on your face, and perhaps put one in your garage.

E-BIKE GYMKHANA - On Wednesday afternoon, we’ll set up a special course for you to test your skills. It will be a tight cone course, operated under the supervision of instructors from Total Control.

You’ll have an opportunity to ride this course, receive some instruction from the pro instructors, and test a technology that will be new to you.

This will be a hoot for you (and any friends watching you), so set some time aside to attempt the E-Bike Gymkhana.

When: Wednesday 6/5; 1pm-4pm
Where: FWH Demo Area


  • Where: FWH Demo Area

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