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MotoMotion Freestyle Stunt Show

Flips, Wheelies and Gravity-Defying Stunts! The MotoMotion Freestyle Stunt Show will provide you a thrilling stunt show inches from where you stand.

They'll ride up near-vertical walls, jump big gaps, do 180-degree helicopters, bunny hops, low-speed wheelies, full-speed stoppies, and an endless array of balance skills. They feature some of the most talented riders in the United States, including some of the stars of NBC's America's Got Talent. If you're lucky(?), you'll be pulled into the show, where they'll launch themselves over you as you lay on the ground considering why you volunteered to do this, and who your next of kin is... Following each show, the performers (Troy, Jordi, and Phil) will spend time sharing insights into how they do what they do. It's a great opportunity for anyone to speak with the very best in the business.

Phil Smage is a multi-discipline, professional action sports athlete. He has been in the finals on NBC's Americas’s Got Talent, won three X-Games titles, is a multi-time AMA National Champion, and has three Guinness World Records! He's a Gas Gas Factory Rider, a member of the Nitro Circus, and on the road to recovery following a 2018 world record attempt. In his free time he likes to teach his goat Gary how to do tricks.

Troy “Smallz” Neault is the “brother from another mother” in the Smage Bros Riding Shows. He started off as an announcer and “human speed bump” on America's Got Talent, but has since progressed into a show rider and currently travels the world riding as SpiderMan on Marvel Universe Live!

Jordi is a nationally ranked trials competitor who currently stars in the Marvel Universe Live show traveling the globe.


  • Where: FWH Demo Area
  • When: Monday; 5:30pm & 8:00pm, Tuesday; 5:00pm & 6:30pm, Thursday; 6:00pm