Paul Pelland, Longhaulpaul
ALSO RAN - Life’s Lemons and Long Shots,


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Whether it’s riding the World’s Toughest Motorcycle Competition on the most unreliable motorcycle ever built, setting a World Record or riding a million miles chasing a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, Paul’s story of overcoming monumental challenges with ingenuity and sheer willpower will inspire anyone. Paul will recount his painfully humorous and quite unbelievable 2001 Iron Butt Rally adventure on the Russian Ural.

Long distance rider, writer, inspirational speaker and closet comedian living with Multiple Sclerosis, Paul Pelland is on a fantastic adventure, documenting a million mile Journey for MS while raising funds, awareness and a bit of hell along the way!

Accidental Legend - Paul's journey to help fight multiple sclerosis.

Watch Accidental Legend on Vimeo.


  • Where: FWH Conf. Ctr.
  • When: Friday 6/7; 9:00am