DJ Jones aka Momma D, Momma D's Magic LLC
Adventures with Momma D,


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Momma D will share her solo motorcycle adventures throughout North America. How she's battled and continues to face adversities out there on the road. Momma D will also relinquish how she's been able to pull strength from her life's experiences before her riding days that has somehow helped her persevere.

Dee Jones aka Momma D – a momma who breaks all stereotypes … this 130- pound, 6-foot-tall, postmenopausal, African-American motivator loves Country music, rides a motorcycle yet has no tattoos or piercings.

Born in Texas, in 1958, Momma D didn’t straddle her own motorcycle until she was almost 41 yrs. old. This former basketball player, rock ‘n roll singer, competitive body-builder, dancer, choreographer, exercise physiologist, and clothing designer. This owner of Momma D’s Magic, LLC, conditioning coach for professional athletes, predominately in the sports of mixed martial arts and boxing, had it with looking at the back of someone else’s helmet.

After failing her written test the 1st time and getting laughed at by the little girls in Motor Vehicle in New Jersey… it spurred her on. Momma D returned to the DMV, scored 100% and immediately signed up for a Motorcycle Safety Course. She once again scored 100% on the written test and outscored all of the male students.

To date … Momma D has rolled ½ million miles in 20 yrs. She’s ridden to Fairbanks, Alaska 5 times. She’s ridden through Canada, Mexico, Spain, Africa, and Brazil plus all 50 states twice on two different motorcycles that sit side-by-side in her display in the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa.

Excited beyond words … after thirteen years, Momma D has given birth to her passion on paper … her book, 50 States of Consciousness.

She’s poured her heart and soul into every word you’ll read.

Despite the odds, Momma D rode her 800-pound pound motorcycle ‘Big Bertha,’ 169 consecutive days, 25,000 miles, through all 50 states solo, surviving everything from tornadoes to Grizzlies in 2006. In addition to sharing her emotional, life-threatening,
roller-coaster ride … she relinquished her never before told the horrific back-story of a lifetime of abuse that somehow gave her the strength to persevere.

Momma D is on a mission …a mission to help and inspire her 2-wheeled sisterhood by sharing her life’s experiences in and out of the saddle.

“I look forward to giving big hugs, smiles, laughter, and love to all of you!”

“Life’s too short to live it less than giving your best. Don’t go to your grave with regrets. What you believe, you CAN achieve, and NEVER QUIT!” – Momma D


  • Where: FWH Conf. Ctr.
  • When: Wednesday 6/5; 10:00am