Bill Dutcher, Americade Founder
60 Years Behind Bars,


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One day, at age 16, Bill wrapped his hands around a Triumph Tiger Cub and it was... love at first ride. At 17, he rode a $100 BMW 250 across Europe, and by his own admission "that's when I became a lifelong motorcycle-holic."

Bill founded Americade 1983 after a career in the motorcycle industry with Bultaco, Bombardier, and Harley-Davidson.

Before and during his decade with Bultaco, he competed in most types of motorcycle competition including road racing, ice racing, observed trials, drag racing, dirt track, M-X, and enduros. He can tell you what it feels like to crash in a roadrace at 105mph and then win the next one; or cruise in England at 165 (& not crash.) He's ridden as far south as Tierra del Fuego (with his 2 sons) and as far north as Northern Labrador.

By his own admission, he's still half nuts and enjoys woods riding, touring and downhill skiing, often at speeds not befitting a gentleman in his golden years. In this seminar, he'll share amusing anecdotes and images from the past six decades. "Motorcycling is the thread which connects my life and I still love to share the joy and the jokes" - said the man who started Americade.


  • Where: FWH Conf. Ctr
  • When: Thursday 6/6; 3:00pm