Trike & Three Wheeler Topics - Why and What Happened!!??!

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Trike & Three Wheeler Topics - Why and What Happened!!??!

Post by FrankJ »

As a recent trike convert I saw the Trike and Three Wheelers topics on the message board and when I opened it I was impressed by the number of topics and posts, but then saw they are mostly from 4-8 years old! None really from the last few years. Trikes and other three wheel bike ownership has grown tremendously in the last few year, was very noticeable at Americade last year.

Is this topic dead because no one uses the message board like they did in the past?, or is Facebook what everyone goes to, either way I'm surprised that there's just no interest in this fast growing segment of motorcycles


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Re: Trike & Three Wheeler Topics - Why and What Happened!!??!

Post by Ryck »

I think FB has taken over the social media world because it's more convenient for everyone to access and use. If there was a bulletin board app which allows the Americade Forum to be on our phones, then we'd see more traffic.

As regards trikes. I like trikes. Maybe when I retire I'll get one but since I use my bike for commute as well as pleasure, I rely on my one track two-wheeler to get me through Manhattan traffic. :)

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