2010 Trike gathering

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Re: Saturday trike get together....

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Ameri-helper wrote:Trikes have their own special section in the Americade parade which departs at 10am from Westbrook Road down by the lake. It looks like you'll miss the parade. :(

There's also a special Trike Parking area at the top of Prospect Mtn at the end of the parade at the charity BBQ.
Thanks, Ameri-helper! There's a bunch of us that won't be in the parade or going to Prospect Mtn, so we're planning a "meet & greet" for Saturday morning. Trikes or bikes, doesn't matter!! :) Thanks for letting me know about the section in the program, though. I'll be sure to look for that section for next year's Americade!!
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Re: 2010 Trike gathering

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Interested for 2016

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