Building Strong Moto Relationships in 3rd & 4th Marriages,



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Author, humorist, defendant, and romantic provocateur, Jack Riepe will present a 5-step program on using motorcycles to build strong relationships in 3rd and 4th marriages. Back for his third Americade as a speaker, Riepe adds credibility to statements like:
"It only seems like there are more motorcycles in the garage"
"I know ... I went out to get the pizza and that was 6 weeks ago."
"She followed me home.. I don't even know her!"
Author of Conversations With a Motorcycle and Motorcycles Speak Louder Than Words, Jack Riepe is the most chronically single biker in the US. He goes through wives like they were disc brakes (worn and burned every 4,000 miles). Known to thousands through his column in a nationally distributed BMW riding publication, Riepe received the Wilmington Centre for Social Interpretation's Golden Hand Grenade Award for Male Sensitivity in 2012.


  • Where: FWH Conf. Ctr
  • When: Tuesday 6/6: 9:00am & Wednesday 6/7: 10:00am

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